Gravel Pit 2 by SLK
*Note: Images do not represent actual size and
clarity of the original work of art.
Rusted Washers by SLK
Planet Zero by SLK
Neon Radar by SLK
Tulip Trio 2 by SLK
One Last Cast by SLK
"Tulip Trio 2" (Screen Prints on Canvas)
24 x 12
"Gravel Pit 2" (Screen Prints on Canvas)
each 6 x 6
"Neon Radar" (Mixed Media)
16 x 11
"Planet Zero" (Mixed media)
20 x 14
"Rusted Washers"
(Mixed Media)
10 x 30
"One Last Cast" (Mixed media)
17 1/2 x 44 1/2