*Note: Images do not represent actual size and
clarity of the original work of art.
Sunset Over Sagamore 2 by SLK
High tension Reflection by SLK
Route 1A, MA, by SLK
Electric Sunset by SLK
Skyline Sunset by SLK
Sunset Over Sagamore 1 by SLK
"Route 1A, MA"
(Screen Prints and Acrylic on Canvas)
32 x 10
"Electric Sunset" (Acrylic on Canvas) 48 x 36
"Sunset over Sagamore"
(Screen Prints on Canvas) 14 x 20
"Sunset over Sagamore 2"
(Screen Prints on Canvas)
14 x 30
"High Tension Reflection"
(Acrylic on Canvas) 22 x 32
"Skyline Sunset"
(Acrylic on Canvas) 16 x 12