Stephen L. King, is a teacher of visual Arts and a fine artist and illustrator. He attended the
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual
Design/Illustration in 1994 and a Masters in Art Education in 2015 at the University.  Many of
his earlier works contained a “pop” art element with screen-printed imagery on painted
backgrounds.  Images of icons, idols, and scenery, eventually merged with his concentric
circular motif, patterns, and designs that he has been maintaining in his body of works.  He is
currently exploring new surfaces and supports and has been working on skateboard decks,
and other supports for a number of years. King’s work primarily focuses on topics related to
his personal and our popular and visual culture. He is expanding his signature concentric
circular designs while exploring sculptural and three-dimensionality qualities in his work. Some
of these popular and visual culture themes explore, but are not limited to, conspiracy theories,
music, comic books, sports, and entertainment through history.  Mr. King resides in Plymouth,
MA with his wife, Dawn, and daughter Isabella.  His work has been displayed in many galleries
on the South Shore and in Boston.  For questions and comments please call (617) 877-6853,
or email to:
Artist Stephen L. King